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17-Dec-2017 22:27

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From a British perspective, it wouldn’t necessarily be America’s biggest sellers, many of whom don’t really have much purchase beyond their national borders, from the plush Seventies soft rock of Boston, Chicago, Kansas and Journey to the flashy Eighties hair metal of Motley Crue and perennial jam rock of The Grateful Dead.Even many of the most internationally successful American rock bands are critically scorned in the UK, with superficial, showband aspects that see them dismissed as jumped up pop acts, from glam rockers such as Kiss and Alice Cooper to the overblown pomp of Meat Loaf, Bon Jovi and battle scarred survivors Aerosmith.There is, though, one American star too big for the film makers to ignore, who consistently undermines their tidy narrative: Bruce Springsteen.When the Seventies is deemed to be indulgent and escapist, Springsteen made Born To Run and Darkness On The Edge of Town, bittersweet epics of blue collar life.So, if you have an open mind and a romantic bent, please pull up a cushioned chair and come in a little closer.

Springsteen springs from the same rebellious counter-culture that gave birth to American rock in the Sixties.And if that can happen to you then you’re doing the wrong thing.” In terms of the major question, cases might be made on the grounds of record breaking sales and universal popularity for the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac (three fifths of whose classic line up was British).But arguably, amongst global superstar US rockers, only Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Bruce Springsteen, REM, Metallica and Nirvana have combined the qualities of personal uniqueness, creative boldness and popular and critical acclaim required to be considered the greatest of all time. In the UK, we have long been fascinated by the underbelly of American rock.A charismatic live performer without compare, backed by the phenomenal E Street Band, Springsteen would certainly top my list of the greatest American rock stars.

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For me, his creative longevity outweighs the claims of Jimi Hendrix, perhaps the most supernaturally gifted rocker all time, and The Doors, who attempted to use rock’s power like a spiritual battering ram to (as their Aldous Huxley influenced name suggests) break through the doors of perception.Right after that, rock slips from the music of the day into the background. Young people identify with that music and rightfully so.” Yet if you want to find thrilling American rock, it’s not difficult.

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